Foreclosure Scams and Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure protection and defense with Kercher Law This office does foreclosure defense work. While those defenses may be limited in many cases, defending a case may provide an opportunity to get information that the mortgage company was unwilling or unable to provide to you prior to the legal action being started. For this, you should hire a lawyer. Not only that, you should hire a local lawyer, who knows the local court system. Whatever you do, do NOT hire an out-of-state law firm or company, based on promises made in mail solicitations to you, or from the Internet. Foreclosure defenses related to “robo-signing” and lack of chain of title do have some validity. However, they are often not the best way to get a result that you want, which presumably is to keep your home, because mounting a defense can be time-consuming and expensive. Also, virtually all of those claims have been tried and settled by various government agencies, including state attorneys general and the federal government.

Foreclosure Defense Scams

Foreclosure defense scammers generally operate from out of state and promise you results such as modification or other forgiveness of the debt. They may or not be lawyers. They will ask you for a lump sum of money up front and probably tell you to not pay anything. Then when things heat up in the foreclosure case, they do nothing, because they can do nothing, because they are not authorized to do anything in the state courts of Pennsylvania. Further, they may send you some form document to file with the court “on your own.” This is a very bad sign! You should ask for your money back immediately and contact a local lawyer, one authorized, at a minimum, to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.